Security must be top priority for Industry 4.0: HKPC

HKPC has urged the local manufacturing industry to make cyber security of the supply chain their top priority in the era of Industry 4.0.

Speaking at the Cyber Security for Industry 4.0 International Conference in Kowloon yesterday, HKPC chairman Willy Lin said the new manufacturing paradigm will bring a host of new security risks.

“In a typical ‘Industry 4.0’ smart operation, countless industrial systems are connected across the supply chain through the internet, with massive volume of data continuously flowing through various organizations in high speed,” he said.

“Embracing high connectivity and digitization brings about enhanced efficiency of the entire supply chain, yet it also brings forth more cyber security threats as compared to conventional standalone systems. Enterprises need to address this issue promptly.”

The conference is the second in a series that aims to raise the issue of cyber security readiness under Industry 4.0. The first day of the conference included presentations from experts including Cisco CTO Garrick Ng and IDRRA founder and CEO Kobi Freedman.


The event continues today with keynotes and presentations from executives at companies including Symantec, Darktrace, Belden, CLP Power and Siemens and a panel discussion hosted by HKCERT. The conference also features technology showcases and demonstrations by multiple vendors.