VMware details new intrinsic security strategy

Firewalls are evolving with new advanced functionality (Image Vertigo3d / iStockPhoto)
VMware has outlined a new security strategy focusing on applications more than infrastructure (Image Vertigo3d / iStockPhoto)

VMware has detailed the company’s strategy to help organizations turn the advantage from attackers to defenders with a new security approach that focuses on applications more than infrastructure, and shrinks the attack surface rather than chasing threats.

To support this new strategy, VMware launched the new VMware Service-defined Firewall, an innovative approach to internal firewalling that reduces the attack surface for on-premises and cloud environments with security that is an intrinsic part of the infrastructure. The new firewall combines the capabilities of VMware NSX and VMware AppDefense to provide what it claims is unprecedented application visibility and understanding of known good application behavior with intelligent, automated and adaptive firewalling capabilities to help better protect apps, data and users.

“Security, for the most part, is not working,” VMware COO for products and services Rajiv Ramaswami said. “Applications are more distributed, deployed across multiple private and public clouds, using many different types of infrastructure and accessed from many different devices. Security sprawl – too many products, agents, and interfaces deployed across an organization – creates complexity for security management. VMware’s strategy is to remove the complexity inherent with security today and deliver a security approach that is intrinsic from endpoint to cloud.”

As organizations race to implement digital transformation initiatives, they are faced with a complex environment that favors attackers. According to Ponemon Institute, “data breaches continue to be costlier and result in more consumer records being lost or stolen, year after year” and with the average total cost of a data breach in ASEAN being US$2.53 million.

VMware believes the industry needs to shift from a model centered on chasing bad to one focused on ensuring good, and to focus on applications rather than infrastructure. Ramaswami said VMware’s approach simplifies security, making it intrinsic rather than bolted on, and aligns security to apps and data. This provides visibility into applications that extend beyond the datacenter to deliver a more secure digital workspace, helping secure any device for any employee who accesses apps and data from anywhere.

“Intrinsic security takes advantage of the unique attributes that are built in to the virtualization platform, allowing businesses to create very new and unique security services,” said Tom Gillis, senior vice president and general manager, networking and security business unit, VMware. “The new VMware Service-defined Firewall is focused on internal network firewalling and changes the game by validating known good application behavior, rather than chasing threats.”

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