Delivery-only kitchen concept boosting revenue for HK restaurants

The Deliveroo Editions concept allows restaraunts to run delivery-only kitchens (image Teamjackson / iStockPhoto

Hong Kong food delivery company Deliveroo has announced that restaurant customers of its trial delivery-only kitchen proof of concept have increased revenue by up to 200% in just three months.

The Deliveroo Editions delivery-only kitchen concept launched in September to allow restaurants to reach customers in areas well beyond their current range of access without having to set up high street premises.

The Deliveroo Editions kitchen is equipped with six full-sized kitchen spaces for preparing delivery-only restaurant quality meals.

Restaurants can be up and running on this infrastructure in just a week, and Deliveroo is responsible for the capital expenditure and licensing processes required in a full kitchen setup.

One retail partner, MANA!, saw a 200% increase in revenues since the launch on Deliveroo Editions.

The concept has led to the creation of virtual brands that only exist on Deliveroo, such as ‘Kai’ and ‘Blazed’ by Pololi, ‘Pho by Kea’ from Thai on High and ‘God of Bamboo’ from Sohofama.

Analytics data from the Deliveroo platform has also helped restaurants develop new offerings to accommodate customer demand, such as healthy bento boxes in response for demand for lighter and healthier lunches than the options currently available.

“From the moment we came up with the concept of ‘Deliveroo Editions’, we were very confident of the success this platform will deliver. The success stories emerging from our restaurant partners reinforce our belief in the potential of delivery-only kitchens, especially in a city like Hong Kong where the cost of setting up F&B operations is skyrocketing,” Deliveroo GM for Hong Kong Brian Lo said.

“Deliveroo’s bespoke technology is transforming the restaurant sector which is moving from being one based on intuition to one based on data - and the results speak for themselves.”