InnoCarnival 2018 commences at Science Park

The ITC has launched InnoCarnival 2018 at Hong Kong Science Park (Image ITC)

The Information Technology Commission is holding InnoCarnival 2018 at Hong Kong Science Park, to allow the public to experience how local technology innovations improve daily life.

The nine day event commenced on Saturday, with activities including exhibitions, workshops, guided tours and seminars all being offered free of charge.

The event will showcase the innovations and achievements developed by local universities, research and development centers, professional bodies, government departments, technology enterprises and youth education organizations.

Local technologies and innovations on display at InnoCarnival 2018 include a palm fusion biometric access control system for identity verification, developments in autonomous driving technology, and a portable charger kit for electric vehicles.

Also being showcased are an anklet that monitors running performance and provides real-time coaching feedback to runner, as well as the iWheel, a motorised device which can be installed easily on different types of wheelchairs at a low cost.

Nearly 40 talks and seminars will meanwhile be delivered covering the latest developments in healthcare, environmental and smart city technologies. Various science competitions and prize presentation ceremonies will also be held during the carnival.

During the concluding day of the event on Sunday, the InnoFiesta stage show will feature performances from entertainers including a local band, a young magician and a rope skipping team.


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