Relationship selling is the game changer for sales business

The business of sales is complicated by the process and number of people involved.
Elaine Zhang, Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing Manager
Elaine Zhang

By Elaine Zhang, Microsoft Dynamics Product Marketing Manager

For the longest time, the biggest frustration for sales teams has been centered on finding the right people to connect with, and cold-calls never work! Connecting with a prospect takes 18 or more phone calls, call-back rates are below 1%, and only 24% of outbound sales emails are ever opened.  On the buyer side, 6.8 people are typically involved in any buying decision, with 20% of decision-makers changing roles every year. So for many sellers today, it is almost a full-time job staying up to date with sales leads and decision-makers, let alone building any personal connections and making sales.   

The newest offering from Dynamics 365, Microsoft’s first-party business applications platform powered by Cloud and AI, gives sales team members the insights that empower them to find the right decision-makers and influencers to build fruitful relationships. Microsoft Relationship Sales (MRS) is an exciting combination of LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Dynamics 365 for Sales that helps sales teams foster relationships with buyers through authentic and personal engagement.

As much as 77% of buyers today do not believe salespeople understand their business and don’t think they can help, so it is more important than ever to offer valuable insights and have relevant discussions with every customer. This is where a sales solution like MRS can come in handy. There are no other solutions in the market that can seamlessly bring together LinkedIn Sales Navigator, which taps into the data driving LinkedIn’s network of 1.2 million professional members in Hong Kong and 500 million worldwide, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, a customer engagement solution that provides insights and guidance to sellers, known as “next best actions”, driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered by Microsoft Cloud.

With MRS, sellers can always expect to:

  • Build relationships with the right people at the right time
  • Discover the best path to reach each buyer/decision-maker
  • Identify relationship health and risks in each opportunity
  • Recommend “next best action” to nurture relationships
  • Offer insights and recommendations based on customer needs

It is important to note that on the backend, this solution brings together disparate data across LinkedIn, Dynamics 365, and Office 365, allowing sales teams to make sense of the data they already have and unify the sales experience around relationships.

JOS was an early adopter of Microsoft Relationship Sales in Hong Kong. “Sales Navigator and Dynamics had proven to be powerful tools for JOS in the past. Their integration into Microsoft Relationship Sales was an exciting opportunity for us to further develop our social selling expertise and engage our customers in a more relevant, focused and productive manner,” said Mark Lunt, Group Managing Director of JOS.

Microsoft Relationship Sales combines who you know (your network and connections), what you know (relevant data and insights), and how you do business (your processes) so that sellers can build and manage relationships and provide valuable insights throughout the buying process. With these relationship-centered insights, sellers can focus on the right people, delivering authentic and personal engagement, while staying updated about key accounts, and building trusted relationships along the way.

The results are strong relationships that build a sustainable pipeline, bringing you a leading edge to outperform your competitors.

Learn more about the MRS, Request for a Demo or Contact Us at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/relationship-sales-solution.

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