Unlocking the true potential of authentic sales engagement in the digital era

Unlocking the true potential of authentic sales engagement in the digital era

The advance of digital technology has thrown varied business enterprises into disarray. With the widening aperture of relationships management, sellers are constantly challenged to deliver more authentic personal engagement that buyers crave. The challenge of streamlining and unifying the relationship sales experience often hobbles the transition from a traditional business to a digital one.

As a one-size-fits-all relationships management approach can hardly meet the needs of varied enterprises in this ever-changing world, businesses must harness integrated platforms that can provide them with the key insights to drive successful personal engagement. Business enterprises are often hamstrung by 3 critical challenges when devising their relationships management strategy.

  1. The inability to find all the key players often lead to a singular focus on champion or influencers, missing a range of others that is key to the success of their deals.
  2. The perception of not adding value critically hurts enterprises. 53% of customer loyalty is driven by a salesperson’s ability to deliver unique insight. The perceived inability to offer valuable insights over time progressively erodes their credibility and customers’ trust.
  3. Sellers always struggle with the difficulty of maintaining relationships with all buyers, juggling multiple contacts and accounts.

Microsoft and LinkedIn see an unprecedented opportunity to unlock the true potential of authentic and personal engagement by integrating the world’s leading trusted cloud and the world’s leading professional network. With 87% of customers having a favorable impression of a salesperson who was introduced to them through their network, the need for sellers to build relationships with the right people, offer insights and recommendations, and engage at scale is crucial to closing a deal.

Now, focusing on the right people is definitely the key part of any enterprise’s relationships management strategy. Locating the key buyers, discovering the best path to reach each buyer, and engaging them with the right strategy present some of the most vexing challenges for sellers.

By properly leveraging the Microsoft Relationship Sales platform, sellers can boost their win rates by going deeper into the buying team’s structure and building multiple relationships. Sellers can map the entire buying committee by leveraging criteria like function and seniority within LinkedIn. Moreover, sellers can also learn about the best path to reach buyers by leveraging a broader network based on not only your own network, but also your colleagues or your connections’ network. The platform can offer tremendous help for sellers to engage more smartly with buyers.

Engaging the right people, streamlining the relationships-building and management processes, and elevating trust with personalized content are key for a salesperson to drive business forward in this digital era.

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